Q: What does it cost to come and see the models?

A: Nothing, it's free to view the models. Admission is just to enter the contest.

Q: Is there a limit to how many models I can enter?

A: No, enter as many models as you like. Just remember it costs $1.oo for every model after the first 3 models entered for $10.00.

Q: Will the Judges leave comments?

A: No, due to time constraints they will not be leaving comments.

Q: Can I sponsor a category?

A: Sure! Category sponsorship is open to anyone within reason, no weird names, foul language, etc. Email us at info@brookhursthobbies.com or call us at (714)636-3580 (ask for Steve or Ludwig) if you are interested in sponsoring a category. Please put "Sprue Fest Sponsor" in the subject.

Q: Will the room be closed for judging?

A: Yes, the room will be closed from 12:00pm to 2:00pm for judging.