Sprue Fest Judging Rules
The judging rules for Sprue Fest will generally follow IPMS Judging rules (PDF here) with the following changes:
1.       Judges will be instructed to first evaluate the overall presentation of the model before determining the technical merits/flaws.
2.       Technical errors (construction, paint, continuity) will NOT eliminate a model.  They will be considered as an element in evaluating one model compared to another.
3.       The scope of effort put into a model will be factored into the consideration of one model versus another.  Entrants are encouraged to bring documentation (i.e. ‘brag books’) so the judges can understand what work has been done.
4.       Models will only be moved from the category entered into dioramas if the judges feel that the diorama elements prevent accurate judging of the piece (examples: a tank is in high grass so the suspension and tracks aren’t visible, an airplane is show inside a hanger so it can’t be fully seen, a ship is moored at a dock in such a way that the ship’s side can’t be viewed, etc.).


Special Category Rule

Gundam Categories must contain Bandai Plastic Models, no Resin/PVC model kits or Resin/PVC conversion parts allowed. Scratch built items okay.